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OSU students are learning that you can’t always get what you want.

Some OSU students are finding out that just because you have a job in Stillwater, doesn’t mean you will get many hours.

According to the Associated Press, Oklahoma’s jobless rate fell from 6.9 percent to 6.8 percent in December, meaning more OSU students could potentially have jobs in 2011.

“You have so many people that are coming into town that ultimately need jobs, so you either don’t have a job or you don’t work a lot,” said Amanda Brown, a senior majoring in nutritional science.

Brown works at Stillwater Medical Center and said it is a constant struggle to get enough hours to pay her bills and maintain her grades.

“I don’t work enough,” Brown said. “I need to work more but I’m taking enough hours that if I worked more, my grades would suffer. It’s a constant battle balancing work and school because I need to work more to make more money but I’m taking extremely hard classes.”

Hunter Lane, a sophomore who works at Perkins restaurant, said the reason why he doesn’t work as many hours as he would like, is because he is a student.

“Everyone else kinda has priority over students,” Lane said. “If I was in a situation where I would need to work more hours, I definitely don’t think that I would get the hours I needed to. There are a couple of people who have ends meet that they need to make and they have a hard time doing that because most of the people that are not in school, the people that are either older or they make it their job, they usually get most of the bulk of the hours and with that they get the good shifts.”

Lane said that in the past, if he were desperate for money, he would donate plasma.

Emily Grimmett, a senior who works at Pier 1 Imports, said she does not have any problem with getting hours at her job.

“I work probably about 15 hours,” Grimmett said. “I can usually find someone to pick up more hours or give some away.

“I really don’t need the money, I just like staying busy. My first two years of college I didn’t have a job and I look back now and realize I was so lazy. I had this idea that work was going to take away too much of my time and I was going to be stressed with school, but then I got one and it’s not that big of a deal.”

Lane said he thinks Stillwater businesses should keep the number of student employees low so they can work more hours than they currently are.

“The problem with Stillwater is most businesses make money when school is in session and all the students are in town,” Lane said. “The flip side to that is when school is in session, it’s hard to get a lot of hours because all the students are working.”


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