HIMYM review Season 3 Episode 7 “Dowisetrepla”

Image We find Marshall and Lily desiring to have a place of there own in “Dowistrepla”. Ted’s bachelor ways are becoming a thorn in the married side of Lily and Marshall. Marshall discovers an apartment for sale in an area called “Dowistrepla”. Despite Lily being from New York, the couple are unfamiliar with the neighborhood. Marshall and Lily, and eventually the rest of the gang, check out the apartment and learn it is beautiful. Despite Robin’s attempt to convince Lily to wait on the apartment because of her credit card debt, both Lily and Marshall agree to buy the apartment as a place to raise their future children.


Barney also takes an interest in the apartment but only because he wants to use the place to sleep with his new fling Meg, played by April Bowlby, and leave the next morning. The next day, Lily and Marshall venture to the bank to apply for a loan to buy the apartment. Despite Lily’s master plan of applying for the loan under just Marshall’s name, they apply jointly and miraculous are approved with an enormous interest rate. This is when Marshall finds out about Lily’s credit card debt but not by Lily, by the mortgage banker. Ted, Robin and Barney return to the old apartment and discover evidence of a fight between Lily and Marshall. Ted uses his “detective skills” from his childhood detective club, or lack there of, to determine Lily and Marshall fought over peanut butter before Marshall stormed out. Robin tries to tell Ted and Barney the real cause of the fight is due to Lily’s credit card debt but Ted doesn’t buy it. Instead he tries to prove his point by hitting redial on the living room phone. The trio is shocked when they find the last call placed was to a divorce attorney.



Marshall and Lily return to the old apartment and explain they aren’t getting divorced. Lily offered to divorce Marshall on paper so the could get the loan under just Marshall’s name. But in one of Marshall’s most romantic gestures yet, he refused to divorce Lily because he married her along with her problems. Lily and Marshall also inform the trio they also bought the apartment despite Lily’s debt. The next morning, Lily and Marshall take a cab to their new apartment but are met with a horrendous outdoor. The cab driver informs them the neighborhood  is down wind from the sewage treatment plant, hence the name “Dowistrepla”.

“Dowistrepla” continued the advancement of Marshall and Lily’s growing married life as another main focus of How I Met Your Mother. The fact that Marshall has said there are three major mistakes in his life including buying the apartment in “Dowistrepla” and shaving his head at his wedding was a great nod to one of my favorites scenes from season two. The detective bit with Ted was a great, light-hearted way to show Marshall and Lily’s fight without distracting from the humor and delusion of Ted’s childhood. I think this episode was an episode of necessity. Lily and Marshall had to find a new place to continue their story and this apparent blunder of an apartment will give us many storylines for the future. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas seem to always have one eye in the past and continue to show us hindsight is 20/20. First they had Lily give the speech in “Milk” about making a mistake because that is the only way you know it’s a mistake and now they added the scenes of “what everyone should have said”.

My favorite scene was when Ted told Robin, “There’s a reason your name’s Robin, not Batman”.



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