HIMYM review Season 3 Episode 6 “I’m Not That Guy”


“I’m Not That Guy” mostly centered on Marshall’s story. Marshall is ecstatic to find out he got his dream job working for the National Resource Defense Council, but he already had an interview scheduled for an evil law firm. Marshall decides to attend the interview because his dad set it up and to tell the evil law firm what he really thinks about them. At the interview, Marshall is confused when he finds Jefferson Coatsworth, played by John Cho, as a friendly, young man. Coatsworth seduces Marshall by pretending to care about the NRDC and convinces him to go to dinner.

Marshall feels guilty about agreeing to dinner but Lily persuades him to go simply for the free meal. At dinner, Marshall is floored by the perks Coatsworth offers and an enormous salary. Meanwhile, Robin finds out Lily’s dirty secret, she is in major credit card debt from keeping up with the latest fashion. Robin then realizes why Lily was continually pushing Marshall to meet with Coatsworth. Back at dinner, Marshall drunkenly accepts the job and stays the night at Coatsworth’s apartment. In the morning, Marshall takes part in the New York City tradition of the Sunday morning, walk of shame.


Back at MacLaren’s, Marshall is struggling to decide which job to take and Lily is struggling with whether she needs to come clean about her debt. In a selfless moment, Lily tells Marshall to work for the NRDC and tells Robin she will get out of her mess on her own. Just as Marshall is about to turn down Coatsworth’s offer on the phone, Jeff shows up in a limo and takes Marshall to an amusement park. Atop the Ferris Wheel, Coatsworth finally convinces Marshall to take the job by promising the amusement park will be his only client. Little did Marshall know that the amusement park who have multiple negligent lawsuits.


While Marshall wrestles with the job offer, Ted wrestles with himself or show I say Ted Mosby: Porn Star. Barney finds an adult film starring “Ted Mosby”. Certain strange events start to happen because of this sudden star sharing his name. First, Ted is interviewed by a adult magazine thinking it’s an architecture magazine and then he learns Ted Mosby: Porn Star shares the same hometown. Ted decides to find the porn star at a porn convention with Barney. Upon meeting Ted Mosby: Porn Star, Ted learns his real name is Steve Biel, played by Kevin Heffernan, and he was a few grades younger than Ted. Ted once saved Steve from some bullies and from that day on Steve vowed to honor Ted Mosby somehow. Ted asks Steve to change his stage name because he is trying to become a popular architect, even going as far as giving him a better stage name in Lance Hardwood, but Steve continues to use Ted Mosby. The gang ends the episode by watching Steve’s newest movie, “Lance Hardwood: Sex Architect” starring Ted Mosby and discovering it was filmed in their apartment with the help of location scout, Barney.

“I’m Not That Guy” is a good episode that further’s Marshall and Lily’s story line as well as a small glimpse into the future of Robin and Ted. You can tell the writers are starting to focus on Marshall and Lily’s maturing romance as a focal point. That being said “How I Met Your Mother” is about Ted and that is why Robin moving in with Ted is buried in this episode. I’m sure it will become more prominent later on.

My favorite scene was when Ted asked the group if he looked like the porn star and they had him make funny sex faces.



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