HIMYM review Season 3 Episode 5 “How I Met Everyone Else”


“How I Met Everyone Else” picks up with the gang at MacLaren’s and Ted introducing them to his new girlfriend. Unfortunately, Future Ted can’t remember the girl’s name, so he calls her “Blah Blah”. Blah Blah, played by Abigail Spencer, tells everyone she met Ted at a cooking class but in reality, Ted met Blah Blah online. Blah Blah is ashamed by the fact she and Ted met online. Before Blah Blah arrived at MacLaren’s, Barney explained the “Crazy Hot Scale” and assumes she is crazy. Ted tries to change the focus of the conversation by having Marshall and Lily tell how they met.


We flash back to the college years at Wesleyan. Past Lily needed helping setting up her stereo and looked for someone to help her. As if guided by fate, Lily knocked on Marshall’s door and the two were in love at first sight. After Lily and Marshall’s story, Blah Blah shows a small amount of her inner crazy. Ted then tells how he met Marshall. Again we flash back to Wesleyan and find Marshall “eating a sandwhich” in the dorm room. Another student alerts Marshall the dean is coming. A few seconds later, past Ted walks into the room and introduces himself to Marshall. Marshall admits he didn’t know Ted wasn’t the dean until later that night.


Next we are treated to an expanded version of how Ted and Barney met. As first shown in the “Pilot”, Ted and Barney met in the bathroom of MacLaren’s. Barney starts up a fake story with Ted about his deaf brother. After a quick one-liner from Ted, Barney decides he likes Ted and leaves to use his fake story on a blonde at the bar. Later, Barney joins Ted at a booth and proceeds to tell him how to live as seen in the “Pilot”. “Rule one, lose the goatee. It doesn’t go with your suit. Rule tow, get a suit.” But it continues with Barney letting Ted in on the fact he told the blonde Ted is his deaf brother. To Barney’s amazement, both Ted and the blonde know sign language. Ted even gets the woman to give Barney here number while signing. Present Ted fells guilty about Barney’s story and tells him he really told the blonde Barney was lying and to give him a fake number. Barney gets even with Ted by telling Blah Blah they all know she and Ted met online and by telling Blah Blah how Ted met Robin.


Ted uses the real story of how he met Lily to calm Blah Blah down. College Ted met Lily at a freshman orientation where they were both drunk. Ted and Lily made out and the next day Lily couldn’t remember who she made out with by could remember Ted’s room number and that is why she was randomly ran into Marshall when looking for someone to help her. Blah Blah tells Ted he has to tell Marshall or she will. Back at the table, Lily tells how she met Ted as he was leaving a crying voicemail to his ex-girlfriend, Karen. While, Ted and Blah Blah pull Lily away to talk about the real story of how Ted and Lily met, Barney tells Robin, again, how he met Marshall. We flash back to a few days after Ted met Barney. Barney tries to tell Marshall he needs to dump his girlfriend and hit on the hot chick who just walked into MacLaren’s. Noticing Barney was talking about Lily, Marshall agrees and approaches her. A few seconds later, Barney is speechless when Marshall starts making out with Lily. Present Marshall tells Robin that Barney didn’t find out who Lily was until a week later.


After Lily’s reluctant acceptance of the truth, she and Ted inform Marshall of the actual events of their first meeting, but Marshall doesn’t believe them because he was at the party and knows Ted and Lily made out with two different students. Meanwhile, Blah Blah has been getting crazier and crazier, even accusing Robin of trying to undermine her in front of Ted because of their past. Finding out Ted made out with a different girl than Lily puts her over the edge and she breaks up with Ted before stomping off.

Years laters at their 20th college graduation reunion, Ted runs into the girl he made out with instead of Lily and she confirms she was the girl who made out with Ted. Then, future Ted, Marshall and Lily share a sandwich that Marshall confiscated from a student. Future Ted ends the episode by asking the question we all have been waiting for, “Where’s my wife?”

“How I Met Everyone Else” was a great episode. The fact that Future Ted can remember all the details of his past but can’t remember Blah Blah’s real name is a great nod to the absurdity of the show. Blah Blah was a perfect way to introduce the “Crazy Hot” scale but the real highlight of the episode was how everyone met everyone else. I like how the writers expanded on Ted and Barney’s story beyond what we already knew and anytime you get to see college versions of the characters is a treat, especially pretentious Ted with his Jew-fro.

My favorite scene was the expanded version of Ted and Barney’s meeting. The fact that Barney just met Ted and then used him as his deaf brother was priceless.



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