HIMYM review Season 3 Episode 4 “Little Boys”


“Little Boys” finds Robin set up with one of Lily’s student’s dad, George, played by Brad Rowe. Despite Robin’s previous distaste for children, she falls for George. Eventually Robin confesses to George that she doesn’t get along with kids but George insists it isn’t problem and suggests waiting for Robin to meet his son, Doug. As fate would have it, Doug finds Robin the following morning in George’s apartment, alone. After some initial annoyance from Doug, Robin bonds with him and realizes kids aren’t too bad.

Later, Robin tells Lily she has to break up with George before Doug gets too attached to her but Lily reveals it’s too late for that because Doug drew a picture of Robin with the words “new mommy” above her. Lily convinces Robin she has to talk with Doug before she break up with George. Robin finds Doug at George’s apartment and George in the shower. She uses this opportunity to use every break up cliche on Doug to soften the blow but gets interrupted by Brooke, George’s date and the actual “new mommy”. After finding out Doug likes Brooke better than Robin, she acts like a jealous little girl and even calls Doug a “stupid-head” to Lily. Future Ted tells his kids Robin got over her dislike for children as they know and we are shown hand drawn pictures of future Aunt Robin with Ted’s kids.


Meanwhile, we find Barney and Ted at MacLaren’s arguing over who has more game with the ladies. After Marshall’s failed attempt to prove he has more game since he won the dating game by marrying Lily, Ted and Barney decide to settle their argument by both of them attempting to sleep with the same girl. Barney distracts Ted and tries to pick up Stacey, played by Janet Varney, but gets slapped. Barney reveals to Ted and Marshall he already slept with Stacey last year and she hates him, Ted sees Barney’s previous history with Stacey as a way to take his time in winning the bet.

Ted begins to date Stacey and unexpectedly, he falls for her. Ted brags to Barney about how well things are going for him and how he is going to win the bet. But Barney has one last trick up his sleeve and asks Ted whether he can go where Barney has already been? Ted assumes he will have no trouble making a move on Stacey but he is wrong. Every time Ted tries to seal the deal with Stacey, he sees little Barney’s on her body. Ted eventually breaks up with Stacey thinking neither he nor Barney would win the bet, but Barney had another trick up his sleeve.

Barney reveals to Ted and Marshall he lied about sleeping with Stacey and the night he got slapped, he asked Stacey to slap him so he could show his friend Ted she didn’t like ladies’ men. Also, Barney used the information he found out from Ted to lay ground work on Stacey before the break up. Just as Barney finishes divulging his master plan, Stacey calls to cry on his shoulder about the break up. Barney heads over to her apartment to win the bet. A month later, Barney is dating Stacey and still hasn’t won the bet because she wants to take things slow. As Barney looks like he wants to kill himself, he looks at Stacey and sees a little Ted on her body.

“Little Boys” was a funny episode that didn’t get us any closer to finding the mother but it did give us a glimpse of future Aunt Robin. Robin’s story line with Doug reminded me a little of myself because I am also not a kid person. Her realization that getting full custody of a child was winning, made me laugh a little too hard and the small reference to Ghostbusters with her call to Lily that “It’s here. It’s looking at me”, made me love Robin even more than the first time she quoted Ghostbusters in the “Pilot”. As much fun as it was to see Robin revert to a jealous schoolgirl, Barney and Ted’s bet was the highlight of the episode, although I did enjoy Marshall’s attempts to compete with Barney and Ted. Barney’s master plan to win the bet was something from Dr. Horrible’s playbook. I love the fact that neither Ted nor Barney won the bet because of the little versions of themselves.

My favorite moment was Robin’sĀ realization that getting full custody of a child was winning and then her asking Lily not to tell anyone about it.



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