HIMYM review Season 3 Episode 3 “Third Wheel”


“Third Wheel” finds Ted left alone at MacLaren’s, thanks to Marshall and Barney’s Wii Tennis tournament. Ted is approached by Trudy from “The Pineapple Incident” and they two quickly hit it off, again. Things appear to be repeating themselves until Rachel, Trudy’s sorority sister from college, played by Busy Phillips, runs into Ted and Trudy. Trudy leaves Ted for Rachel and Ted is thinking of heading home until Rachel invites him to stay.


It becomes clear quite quickly that Trudy and Rachel are uber-competitive for Ted’s attention and leads him to call Barney for advice on which girl to go for. Lily decided to play wing woman and sneak to MacLaren’s to giver her opinion on which girl is into Ted and to Ted’s amazement, he has his pick. While, things are getting interesting for Ted, Robin is on a date with a dreamy surgeon with a British accent. Despite Robin’s earlier plan to abstain for sex, she decides Dr. Dreamy is too good to let go. As Robin mentioned earlier in the episode, she hadn’t shaved her legs to prevent herself from sleeping with her date and now that is a problem. She calls Lily and begs for her to bring a razor to the restaurant.


Returning to Ted’s situation, things get even hairier after the girls hint about a threesome. After calling Barney to brag about his luck, we found out Barney bought a belt that is to be given to the first one between Ted and Barney to have a threesome. Ted texts Barney, Marshall and Lily he is headed upstairs, with the girls in tow, to listen to “music”. After taking Trudy and Rachel’s coats, he discovers the trio held up in his bedroom. The group, surprisingly led by Lily, give Ted their blessing, that is until Barney’s jealousy boils to the surface and he breaks the Wilco cd Ted was supposed to play for the girls.Barney confesses he almost won the belt last year but the night was ruined by a spilled glass of wine.


Ted returns to the living room where the girls could care less about the cd and instead focus their attention on Ted. Ted quickly becomes nervous and panics. He tells Trudy and Rachel the night is over and leaves to fetch their coats. Back in his bedroom, Ted questions what is wrong with him, only to be cheered up by Barney. Barney confesses the belt got to him and he purposely sabotaged his chance at the belt but encourages Ted to win the belt. After some rather hilarious ideas from Barney, Ted returns to an empty living room. At first, Ted fears the girls have left and his chance at the belt but then he hears giggling from Marshall and Lily’s room. Peering in, a smile comes across Ted’s face. We jump to the next day where Barney demands to know if Ted won the belt. Ted smiles and explains, “Some stories you just don’t tell.”

Wrapping up the episode, we return to the conclusion of Robin’s date. She couldn’t get Lily to bring her a razor, thanks to Ted’s predicament, and has to pay the snobb waitress to get a razor across the street. When the waitress returns without shaving cream, Robin steals some butter and heads to the ladie’s room. With her leg on the sink and smearing butter on her leg, Robin slips and hits her head on the floor. After waiting for Robin out front, her date asks the snobby waitress to check on Robin. The waitress finds Robin unconscious on the floor but seizes the opportunity to steal Robin’s date by telling him she escaped through and open window.

“Third Wheel” didn’t further the story of how Ted met the mother but instead showed us he and Robin are already moving on from their relationship. Robin’s plan to wait for sex on to have it backfire was funny but Ted’s attempt at winning the belt was hilarious. Ted’s anxiety is the most accurate representation of how I would assume most men would act in a similar situation, myself included. Although, Lily, Marshall and Barney were background characters this week, the back and forth between Marshall and Barney over Wii Tennis was hilarious and the support from Lily reminds us how cool she is. I had hoped the return of Trudy would shed more light on the mysterious pineapple from their first hook up but it didn’t. Here’s hoping we learn where that stupid thing came from in the future.

My favorite scene was when Ted asks Barney is Marshall’s pants were off when they refuse to come to the bar.



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