HIMYM review Season 3 Episode 2 “We’re Not From Here”


So apparently this is the only good picture I can find from “We’re Not From Here”. The episode begins with Ted asking Marshall and Lily how the married life is. Marshall and Lily complain about all the paperwork involved after marriage and mention they had to create “death folders”, which are packets with a letter and all the personal information a spouse would need should you unexpectedly die. Marshall begins to panic because he didn’t know he was supposed to write a letter After some teasing, Marshall leaves to write the letter and we are treated with a flash back of Robin’s vacation in Argentina, with Gael. Vacation Robin is shown as being a stereotypical hippie. Returning to the bar, Robin tells the gang she is happy with her new self and plans to continue living this way with Gael but Barney doesn’t believe her, telling her she will end thing with Gael soon and return to old Robin.

Marshall writes his letter to Lily and pours his heart and soul into it. After completing multiple heartfelt pages, he decides to read Lily’s letter and to his disappointment, Lily’s letter contains no heartfelt letter and the bare minimum needed information. While Marshall is at the apartment, Barney and Ted are jealous over all the attention Gael has attracted from the female patrons. After Barney and Ted talk about how easy Gael has is because he is from out of town, they decide to pretend to be from out of town to pick up women. This is kind of a variation of Barney’s play from “Sweet Taste Of Liberty”. Barney and Ted meet some New Yorkers and pretend to be from Missouri. They arrange to meet the women the following evening so they can show them around the Big Apple. The following evening, the women take Ted and “Ignatius Peabody Nobel” to their favorite restaurant, a measly potato-themed chain restaurant. After dinner, the ladies invite Ted and Barney to a friend’s party.

During the cab ride to the party, Ted’s inner New Yorker starts to slip out when he tries to correct the cab driver on where to go. Ted finds out the party is in south Bronx and voices his concern about traveling there at night. Ted’s fears are justified because he and Barney are shown giving a statement to the police about being mugged. Thanks to all the excitement the women want to take Ted and Barney back to their place which we find out is in New Jersey. Ted finally loses it and confesses he and Barney are from New York and he is offended the women would call themselves New Yorkers and New Jersey “pretty much New York”. After refusing to travel to New Jersey for sex, Ted and Barney are left to fend for themselves but their dates and the cops who also happen to be from New Jersey.

Meanwhile, Lily asks how Robin’s relationship with Gael is going. Robin confesses she is getting irritated by the things she loved about Gael in Argentina, such as being feed food and spontaneous acts of love making. Robin reaffirms her commitment to her new self and decides to press on. After being surprised by a stranger in the shower, Robin finds Gael has invited some foreign travelers to stay with them indefinitely. Robin eventually gets tired of her new roommates and runs them off with her gun. Gael is awoken by the commotion and Robin tells him they have to break up. Later, Barney cheers Robin’s return to her old self.

Eventually, Marshall divulges to Lily he read her letter and is offended she didn’t put anything heartfelt, leading to their first argument as a married couple. Marshall and Lily eventually make up and Lily agrees to rewrite the letter if Marshall promises not to read it until her death. Marshall kept his promise until November 1, 2029. We flash forward to Marshall opening the letter to find Lily’s message is that he sucked for opening the letter early. Marshall calls Lily into the room and we are delighted to know she isn’t dead. The two argue again about Marshall opening the letter in advance.

“We’re Not From Here” is a somewhat weak episode. Both Robin, Marshall and Lily’s story arcs were subpar. There were a few good scenes, such as Robin having to remind everyone she is Canadian and future Marshall’s slip up about not wanting the nude photos of Lily in her old age. I did enjoy the newspaper article in future Marshall’s office alluding to him capturing the Loch Ness Monster. Ted and Barney’s storyline to me was average. Yes, we got to see them use a dumb tactic to pick up women but the real highlight was Ted’s speech about hating New Jersey and the New Jersians.

My favorite scene was at the beginning of the episode, when Ted and Barney tempt fate to kill Marshall before he can write his death letter because his is superstitious.



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