HIMYM review Season 3 Episode 1 “Wait For It”


And we’re back. After a very long “wait for it”, “Wait For It” picks up where we left off in season two, Barney telling Ted the single life is going to be legendary. Future Ted tells his kids they know the short version of how Ted me their mother and the yellow umbrella, but this is the story of how he became the man he needed to be before he met the mother. Despite Ted’s big talk about needing a wing man, Ted turns down Barney’s plans because he isn’t ready to move on yet. His opinion quickly changes when Robin returns from Argentina with her new boyfriend, Gael, played by Enrique Iglesias. Robin and Gael share their adventures with the group, causing Ted to become furious that Robin already moved on.


The following evening, Ted and Barney prepare to head to MacLaren’s as Robin and Gael arrive for their double date with Marshall and Lily. Robin pulls Ted aside to talk because she wants to make sure Ted is ok with Gael being around, this only cements Ted’s idea that Robin is trying to “win the break up”. Determined to score a girl hotter than Robin, Ted runs into a tattooed, bad girl named Amy, played by Mandy Moore. Barney immediately hates Amy because he didn’t help Ted get her and because she makes fun of him for being a “suit”. Ted and Barney hang out with Amy and her friend, eventually retiring to her place and her hot tub.


Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily make a pact to hate Gael because Ted is their best friend. After some massages and singing, Gael wins everyone over, including Marshall. Back at Amy’s hot tub, everything is going great for Ted until a little boy notices the gang and calls for his parents. As it turns out, Amy didn’t live there. She used to nanny the little boy and thought the family was on vacation. Ted decides to leave Barney and get a tattoo with Amy to celebrate him winning the break up despite Barney’s objections but Ted blacks out before the tattoo and awakens in his bed the following morning alone and tattooless or so he thought.


On Ted’s lower back, lies a butterfly tattoo and Lily and Marshall notice it right away. The married couple call Barney over to show him Ted’s souvenir from the previous night. After alluding to Ted’s butterfly tattoo the trio finally let him in on the joke and Ted’s memory quickly returns to him. The tattoo artist who gave Ted his beautiful tramp stamp, was Amy’s recent ex-boyfriend and Ted had made fun of him not knowing who he was, hence the butterfly. While looking for ointment, Ted finds some Spanish massage oil leading to Marshall and Lily divulging the awkwardness of their double date with Gael. Ted decides enough is enough and leaves to have words with Robin.


Ted shows up to Robin’s apartment and finally lets his frustration out on her. Robin stands silently, letting Ted get everything out because she feels she owes it to him. After Ted calms down, the two share their struggles after the break up. Even though Ted and Robin had a clean break up, they each had to find ways to cope and Robin’s way was Gael. Ted confesses he thought Robin was trying to win the break up by dating such a perfect guy. Robin tells Ted she wasn’t trying to win the break up and becomes defensive that Gael isn’t perfect. When Ted asks how is better than Gael, Robin tells him he’s “bigger”. Ted celebrates at MacLaren’s with Barney and Marshall, toasting their beers to Ted shouting, “I won!” The episode ends with Marshall calling Barney and showing him his new website, slapcountdown.com. Barney looks at the counting clock and screams.

“Wait For It” was a good way to start season three. It appears this season is going to focus on Robin and Ted’s struggle to be friends after the break up. The guest stars are a welcomed addition but I hope we see more of the Mother and her yellow umbrella. Ted’s speech about the yellow umbrella has me wondering what he was referring to and how it lead him to the Mother. There were numerous comedic moments that me laughing including Amy causing Barney to look like a dork, not like his usual quick-witted self, and the gang making fun of Ted’s back tattoo behind his back. I think the latter is a great reminder that even the best of friends can be hyenas.

My favorite scene was Barney, Marshall and Ted had trouble understanding Gael’s name, “Gale? Kyle? Girl?”.

Cheers and it’s good to be back, surprisingly I missed this.


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