HIMYM review Season 2 Episode 22 “Something Blue”

I would like to say up front that I try not to allude to future events in the show but this is my favorite season finale to date.


“Something Blue” takes place at Lily and Marshall’s wedding. The two are finally announced as a married couple while Robin and Ted discuss announcing their secret the following day. Barney overhears Ted and Robin’s talk and annoys them until they agree to tell him their secret. Ted tells Barney about Robin and him celebrating their one year anniversary two weeks prior to the wedding. Ted took Robin to the restaurant from their first date, the one Ted stole the blue french horn from. While at the restaurant, champagne is given to Ted and Robin, compliments of the house, and in Robin’s glass is an engagement ring. Robin freaks out but the ring actually belonged to a different customer who was asking his girlfriend to marry him. (Fun fact, the was a real engagement. The guy is friends with one of the writers and asked for his help.) Robin’s sudden freak out forces Ted and Robin to talk about where they see themselves in five years. Ted wants to be married and have children, while Robin wants to travel the world and focus on her career. The two leave the restaurant but not before being recognized for stealing the blue french horn in the “Pilot” and being coerced into returning it.


Back at the wedding reception, Barney has to continually find ways to lure Lily and Marshall away so Ted can continue telling the story. Ted returns to the story just as he and Robin returned to her apartment from the restaurant. Ted brings up moving to Argentina with Robin and the two becomes excited at the idea of leaving together once more. Present Barney immediately hates the idea of Ted and Robin moving to Argentina due to it’s financial instability but the story wasn’t over. Returning to the story, Robin interrupts her and Ted’s make out session to bring up the other big issue in their relationship, children. Robin mentions again she doesn’t want kids but if she did want to have babies, it would be Ted’s babies. After realizing neither one of them have a condom, Ted and Robin decide to “risk it”. This risk, along with Ted’s choice of beer and Robin’s choice of water at the wedding reception, leads Barney to believe they are pregnant. The trio watch Marshall and Lily’s limo drive off on the patio and Barney tells Ted and Robin how horribly a mistake having a kid is but the story isn’t over.


After Ted and Robin finish celebrating their new found plan, they begin to playful bicker about changing clothes before returning the blue french horn. Ted makes an off the cuff remark about his lack of clothes due to their failed move in attempt from “Moving Day”. Ted and Robin realize they are all talk and don’t want to move to Argentina and have kids. The two realize they have an expiration date. When Robin brings up Ted stealing the blue french horn for her, Ted replies he “would have stolen a whole orchestra”. Present Ted tells Barney they went to tell everyone about the break up during “Showdown” but decided to wait until after the wedding due to Lily’s wedding stress.

Meanwhile, Ranjit takes Marshall and a very intoxicated Lily to a fast food restaurant as they couldn’t find time to eat at their own wedding. An employee informs Marshall his wife is throwing up in the trash can but all Marshall can focus on is the fact Lily is now his wife and he is happy.


Back on the patio, Barney tries to comfort Ted, even admitting he never wanted Ted and Robin to fail. Ted tells Barney he is ready to get back out there and have some fun. Trying to hide his excitement, Barney tells Ted he might be rusty and asks if he needs Barney to be his wing man again as Jaymay’s “Sea Green, See Blue” plays. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK0wvjx0Ch4) After Ted says “I do”, Barney’s excitement can no longer be contained. He puts his arm around Ted and says, “It’s going to be legend, wait for it.”, just as the song swells. The screen fades to black.

I absolutely love everything about “Something Blue”, from the list of wedding cliches that are eventually performed to Ted having to tell Barney “the story isn’t over yet”. I am curious if the title is referring to the blue french horn or the bad news of Ted and Robin’s break up. I guess we knew Ted and Robin’s relationship wouldn’t last but I always liked them as a couple, I just hope the story isn’t over.

My favorite scene is the ending with Barney and Ted on the patio. Barney trying to hold back his excitement and Ted slyly egging Barney on combined with “Sea Green See Blue” and the line from Barney, “Yes! Yes! We’re back! We are back! And Ted, my boy, it’s going to be legend, wait for it,” black screen is one of my favorite scenes of the entire show.



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