HIMYM review Season 2 Episode 19 “Bachelor Party”


“Bachelor Party” picks up at MacLaren’s with Ted and Marshall planning Marshall’s bachelor party. Naturally, Barney tried to hijack the party planning from Ted, insisting he is Marshall’s best man.  After Marshall leaves, Ted demands Barney promise no strippers and Barney does promise but winks after each promise. The trio, along with Brad and Stuart, road trip to the bachelor party which Barney believes is in Atlantic City but Barney quickly learns the party is actually in Foxwoods. When Barney confronts Ted, Ted apologizes for forgetting to keep him up to date and then winks.


The guys arrive at their hotel with plans to attend a boxing match and eat a steak that Ted picked online. But much to everyone’s dismay, Barney was aware of the change in plans and had the stripper waiting in their hotel room. The guys agree to a quick show before the fight but things turn disastrous when Treasure breaks her ankle and has to be taken to the hospital. The hospital trip causes the guys to meet the fight but Treasure “saves” the party by demanding to  finish her show after being put in a walking boot. Things turn from bad to worse when the guys get thrown out of the hotel because Barney accidentally set the hotel room on fire. On their way back to New York City, the guys find the missing groomsmen, Brad, naked and walking on the side of the road.


Meanwhile, Robin attends Lily’s wedding shower. After Barney convinced Robin to get Lily a “battery-powered, adult recreational fake penis”, she finds the shower is full of Lily’s older family members and a soon to be nun. Robin tries to escape with the “gift” in hand but is interrupted by Lily and has the gift pried from her hands. At one point, Robin tries to have a “telepathic conversation”, as first mentioned in “Mary the Paralegal”, with Lily but Lily confuses Robin’s message for asking for a tampon. Just before Lily opens Robin’s gift, Robin switches the cards in hopes of saving herself but things turn even worse when it is announce the next gift is from Grandma Lois. Grandma Lois’s gift was an antique sewing machine. In thinking her gift was next, Grandma Louis proceeds to tell Lily about how her gift has been passed down from generation to generation and how her grandfather “even liked to use it”. After Lily’s confusion from opening the gift, Robin comes clean and tells everyone she switched the cards out of embarrassment. To Robin’s surprise, Lily’s family joke about the “device”, even mentioning it looks similar to one from an episode of Sex and the City.

Back at MacLaren’s, Lily and Robin are surprised to find the guys returned from the bachelor party. Ted and Marshall blame Barney for their horrible evening. After Barney mentions being Marshall’s best man again, Marshall lays into him and mentions not inviting Barney to the wedding because he obviously doesn’t care about it. Lily saves the day by offering up a confession. She tells the story of how Barney flew to San Francisco to beg her to do the right thing and come home to Marshall before she loses him forever. Barney even bought a plane ticket for Lily’s return. Shocked, Marshall promotes Barney to co-best men with Ted. In stereotypical Barney style, he laughs at Ted and winks at Marshall after agreeing he and Ted are co-best men.

“Bachelor Party” gives us a small glimpse of the sensitive side of Barney. His wild, partying side appears to be matched by an equally caring side that he tries to hide, even from his best friends. The two side stories were pretty funny but Robin’s “gift” was more entertaining. As a guy, I can’t even imagine opening a gift like that in front of my family.

My favorite scene was actually every time the not-so-subtle wink was used by Barney or Ted.



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