HIMYM review Season 2 Episode 18 “Moving Day”


“Moving Day” finally shows us Ted and Robin’s attempt to move in together as mentioned in “Stuff”. Everyone in the group is initially excited for Ted and Robin, even Barney. Honestly, I think Barney is more excited about his offer to rent Ted’s room from Marshall and Lily so he can have a closer place to the bar to take women. Barney explains it takes him 22 minutes to get a girl from MacLaren’s to his apartment and things have fallen apart in that time frame. As moving day arrives, Barney has since changed his mind and proceeds to give Robin and Ted a made up quiz about not being ready to move in together. Ted becomes frustrated at Barney’s absurdity and tells him the move in is going to happen and to help. Barney agrees to “help” but little did Ted know, Barney’s “help” involved stealing the moving truck with the majority of Ted’s possessions.


With Ted and Robin’s apartment with his one box of pot lids and one of the swords he and Marshall fought with in “The Duel”, Lily and Marshall celebrate by sitting around the apartment naked and having sex in the living room. As the episode progresses, it becomes overwhelming clear Lily and Marshall aren’t as ready to live without Ted as they thought. Marshall eventually claims everything that was useful in the apartment belonged to Ted and everything irrelevant belonged to Lily and himself. The realization comes to a head when Marshall explains to Lily they can’t survive without Ted.



Meanwhile, while Lily and Marshall struggle to find themselves without Ted, Ted struggles to find himself at Robin’s apartment. Everytime he mentions where he wants to unpack his things, Robin suggests she doesn’t have room and to put them in storage. Ted eventually receives a call from Barney, pretending not to be Barney. “Not Barney” instructs Ted to put on the suit he left him and to meet him at MacLaren’s. Barney blackmails Ted into spending one last legendary bro night together to get his stuff back. Ted goes along with Barney’s demands by getting a girl’s number for Barney and playing laser tag. At the end of the night, Ted admits he had a great time with Barney and asks fr his stuff back but Barney refuses. Barney tells Ted he doesn’t really want to move in with Robin because he could have left at any moment by chose to stay with Barney instead of Robin and because he referred to the apartment as “Robin’s” not “mine or ours”.


Frustrated, Ted returns to Robin’s apartment where he still doesn’t fit in with Robin. The two argue causing Ted to complain about how far MacLaren’s is from the apartment and realize where Barney hid the moving truck. Back at MacLaren’s, Barney seduces a young Rockette and leads her to the moving truck which he has hidden behind MacLaren’s. After the two hop inside the back which Barney’s has turned into a bedroom, Ted steals the truck with them in it. Ted even calls Barney’s phone and uses the same dialogue Barney said during his blackmail call.  Ted ends up at back at his old apartment much to the surprise of Lily and Marshall. Ted explains he and Robin realized they weren’t ready to move in together and ask to move back in with Lily and Marshall. Lily and Marshall hug Ted and tell him never to leave again. The episode ends with the gang at MacLaren’s and Barney reading a Late Night Top Ten list of what he would have called the moving truck had Ted not returned it.

10. “The Winnebango”

9. “The Pickup Truck”

8. “The Ford Exploreher”

7. “The You Scream Truck”

6. “Feels On Wheels”

5. “The Rideher Truck”

4. “The 18 Squealer”

3. “The Escalaid”

2. “The Slamboni”

1. “The 69 Chevy”

“Moving Day” was quite comical but left me questioning Ted and Robin’s relationship. I have always believed Robin would somehow be the mother even though Ted refers to her as “Aunt Robin” but this episode begins to the show the cracks in their relationship. I don’t think Barney was trying to save Ted and Robin from a relationship that is doomed to fail but rather to save himself from being alone. Despite the seriousness of Ted and Robin deciding to live apart, the episode was stacked with comedic scenes from the Late Night Top Ten list to Lily and Marshall’s realization they need Ted.

My favorite scene was Barney’s phone call to Ted about meeting him at MacLaren’s. Barney’s face when Ted asks how he will know who to look for since they have “never met” was priceless.




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