HIMYM review Season 2 Episode 16 “Stuff”


“Stuff” begins with Ted confusing the events of his past relationships with him and Robin’s relationship. Robin eventually tells Ted they can’t pretend their previous relationships didn’t happen and it isn’t a big deal but Robin quickly changes her opinion when she discovers Ted’s apartment is filled with items from his ex-girlfriends. Ted and Robin led the group decide the fate of the “ex items”, each stating their case, Ted only sees his past memories while Robin only sees Ted’s ex’s. The gang agree with Robin and Ted reluctantly removes the “ex items”. The next day while walking Robin’s five dogs, Ted discovers Robin’s dogs were all gifts from her ex-boyfriends. Ted tries to guilt Robin into getting rid of her dogs but she refuses. Ted and Robin once again leave the outcome of their argument to the gang and once again Robin is the victor. Ted does his best to ignore the images of Robin’s ex’s instead of the dogs but can’t look past it. After seeing Ted struggle, Robin sends her dogs to live on her aunt’s farm. Robin informs Ted of the change she made for him and the two make up but only until Robin walks into Ted’s apartment to find all his “ex items” have been returned to their previous spots, this leads Ted and Robin to the worst fight in their relationship. To everyone’s surprise, the argument led Ted and Robin to the decision to move in together.


Meanwhile, Lily drags everyone to see her play even though Barney initially refuses. After what I can only assume was a very long and dull play, the group congratulate Lily on the play with the exclusion of Barney. He tells Lily how awful the play was and she should apologize for making him attend the play. Lily does not apologize and instead tells Barney friends support each other, even going as far as saying she would attend a play he was in and praise him afterwords. Later, Barney does indeed put on a one man show that the group is obligated to attend. It is clear before Barney’s play even begins it was created with Lily in mind, hence the title of the play, “Suck It Lily”. Barney proceeds to annoy Lily by repeating moist and squirting her with a water pistol. After Barney moves onto the actual play about a robot, Lily admits defeat by apologizing to Barney for making him attend her play. Barney revels in his triumph but it is clear he wants the gang to watch the rest of the play. The gang reluctantly agrees to watch the rest of Barney’s play because “that is what friends do”. Barney proceeds to torture everyone for another hour until Marshall walks on stage and awards Barney with the second slap bet slap.


“Stuff” is yet another example of a great episode from season two. Both the “ex items” and theater story lines were hilarious. Ted and Robin’s visions of past ex’s was a great way to show the complications when dating and the addition of The Stooges “I Wanna Be Your Dog” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJIqnXTqg8I) was a perfect touch. The scene were Ted and Robin are interrupted in the bedroom because one of her “dogs” had to pee had me howling from laughter. But the theater story line was the highlight of the episode. Sure, Ted and Robin’s announcement to move in together is the most important detail of the episode but Barney and Lily’s back and worth are the best part. Throw in Marshall’s comments about crowd participation and the second slap bet and you have got one of the best story lines from any season.

My favorite scene is the first half of Barney’s play where he repeats moist and then proceeds to squirt Lily with a water pistol.



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