HIMYM review Season 2 Episode 12 “First Time In New York”


We find Robin in “First Time In New York” realizing she is in fact in love with Ted but can’t say it, instead saying “falafel”. Robin’s younger sister Katie is visiting and Robin fills Lily in on her “falafel” comment while they wait for Katie at the airport. Robin confesses to Lily she has never told a guy she loved them because she got off at the “three week exit” referring to Barney’s “Freeway theory”. Robin is surprised to find Katie’s boyfriend Kyle is also visiting family in New York. After some awkward comments from Kyle about how hot Robin and Lily are, Robin tries to split the couple up by taking Katie to her apartment. Katie resists, preferring to stay at Kyle’s brother’s house because they are finally going to have sex for the first time. Robin does convince Katie to stay with her for the first night, although we are never shown how, and convinces the group to help her prevent Katie from sleeping with Kyle.


The next day, the gang takes Katie to see the Empire State building. While waiting in line, the group uses thinly disguised analogies about visiting the Empire State building for waiting to have sex. Katie becomes infuriated at Robin calling her a hypocrite because she was 16 when she lost her virginity and leaves to steal a quick smoke. While Katie is away, the gang shares their first times.


As referenced in “Zip, Zip, Zip”, Marshall and Lily shared their first time in college. What we did not know what Lily initially wanted to wait and Ted was laying in the top bunk the whole time.


Barney tries to lie about his first time, quoting the plot from “Dirty Dancing” but the group sees through it. Robin tells the group about how awkward her first time was. She and her boyfriend only had sex for a few seconds before he stopped and admitted he was gay. Robin states that even though it only lasted a few seconds, it still counts. Lily tries to argue that Robin didn’t really  have sexleading to the discovery Lily had a similar situation with her high school boyfriend, Scooter.

After a distraught Marshall tells Lily how betrayed he feels, Katie returns to the group and tells Robin she wants to leave to see Kyle.  Robin tries again to plead with Katie to wait for someone special. After Robin tells Katie she has had some feelings of love towards the men she slept with, Katie asks Robin if she loves Ted. Ted pulls Robin aside and tells her she doesn’t have to say she loved him but this leads to an argument. Robin confesses to Ted she is worried saying I love you will cause their relationship to become more serious. After some back-and-worth about the acceptable time to say I love you, Robin to call Ted an “I love you slut” and Ted calls Robin an “I love you prude”.


The following day, Robin meets Ted at the apartment and tells him Katie didn’t have sex with Kyle thanks to wait Ted told her. Ted tells Robin he shared his “first time” with Katie and that he lied to a girl to have sex with her, ending the story that all 17-year-olds will say anything to have sex, even the nice ones. Katie told Kyle she wanted to wait and he dumped her that night. Robin is surprised to hear Ted wasn’t the clingy one from his story, causing him to reveal he reversed his actions with the girl, Molly. Robin finally tells Ted she loves him to which he responds he’s gay as a joke. Later the group returns with Katie to the Empire State building. Marshall mentions they never really saw the building because they never left the lobby, referencing Lily’s argument about Scooter not counting. Marshall admits Lily is right and the two make up.  After Katie leaves for Canada, the gang ends up back at MacLaren’s as usual. The gang ask to hear how Barney lost his virginity. After he gets called out for using movie plots again, Barney admits he lost his virginity when he was 23 to his mom’s 45-year-old friend named Rhonda. She cause Barney’s comforter to smell like menthol cigarettes and called him Barry the whole time. Seeing how embarrassed Barney is, the group pretends they didn’t hear Barney’s story and instead ask him to share the plot of “Dirty Dancing” again.

I love “First Time In New York” because loses one’s virginity is a milestone in life and the creators handle it with humor and honesty. I feel most people lost he virginity either like Lily and Marshall or like Ted. I myself can relate more to Barney’s story but that is a story for another time. I always welcome flashbacks to the groups past to see how they have changed and the shenanigans they bring. I was stunned to find out how Barney lost his virginity and the “flashback” of him as Patrick Schwayze was hilarious but I do hope we get a flashback of his real first time in the future.

My favorite scene was how the creators showed the many steps of Robin realizing she loved Ted and then her actually telling him at the end of the episode.



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