HIMYM review Season 2 Episode 6 “Aldrin Justice”


“Aldrin Justice” finds Lily searching for her true calling. Since her return from San Francisco left her questioning her artistic chops, Lily tried multiple careers including a bee keeper, slam poet and life coach, all while working a luau themed restaurant. After the gang torments her into quitting the restaurant, Ted lines up a job as an assistant at his architecture firm. During her first day, Lily is introduced to Ted’s boss, Hammond Druthers played by Bryan Cranston, and his “penis building” that was joked about in “Ted Mosby: Architect”.

After several days of Druthers talking down to Ted and the rest of the office, Lily decided to teach him a lesson by stealing his baseball signed three times by Pete Rose. When confronts Lily about the baseball, she tells him her form of justice always worked when she was a kindergarten teacher and it will work this time as well. The following day, Druthers calls an office meeting and reads aloud the note “from his baseball” that Lily wrote. Druthers informs the office he is going to fire three people an hour until the ball is returned. Ted tries to convince Lily to return the baseball but she refuses, leading to Ted firing her. Later, the Spokane bank office travels to New York to see Druthers’ building design. Shocked to find the design is a penis, the office refuses to build Druthers’ design. Remembering Lily’s encouragement throughout the episode, Ted saves the day by unveiling his secret design. Ted, Robin and Lily celebrate at MacLaren’s and Ted even offers Lily her old job seeing as he was promoted to project manager. Lily thanks Ted but tells him she realizes she is meant to be a kindergarten teacher.


Meanwhile, Marshall is having a rough time with his Constitutional Law professor played by Jane Seymour.. Marshall blames his low grades on the professor’s recent divorce and hints that she needs to get laid. Barney accepts the challenge of sleeping with Marshall’s professor even though a challenge was never issued. After a visual conformation that the professor is a “cougar”, Barney is able to talk his way into meeting the professor at her place. Flash forward two hours and the professor is unsatisfied with Barney’s technique, giving him a C-. After Marshall informs Barney he only further angered the “cougar”, Barney goes back to the professor a second time and again comes up short.

Determined to tame the wild beast, Barney chugs a six pack of Red Bull and demands a third round with the professor claiming he was taking it easy because he didn’t want her to break a hip. The gang eventually meet Barney and the professor at the hospital. Barney dislocated his hip but was able to get Marshall a B+. Furious over the grade, Barney swears to Marshall he will get him an A after therapy but Marshall tells him to let the “cougar” go, she belongs in the wild.

“Aldrin Justice” is a great episode because not only do we get to learn how Ted’s first building came about but we also were treated with two great guest stars. Jane Seymour plays the epitome of a “cougar” and causes even the great Barney Stinson to question his sexual prowess but I prefer Bryan Cranston’s character because who hasn’t had a coworker that drove you up a wall. Druthers’ repeated jokes that he won’t progress past until you laugh, are o’to familiar to me and the fact that he makes a jab at Pete Rose’s exclusion for the baseball Hall of Fame furthered cemented my approval.

My favorite scene is after Barney’s first failed attempt to satisfy the “cougar”. Marshall has a great one liner, “You claim to have so much sex, I only assumed you’d be good at it.”



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