HIMYM review Season 2 Episode 5 “World’s Greatest Couple”


“World’s Greatest Couple” begins with future Ted telling his kids no one had ever been to Uncle Barney’s apartment until Barney woke up with Lily next to him in bed. The two scream and future Ted tells us, “It’s a great story.” We flash back two weeks as Robin and Ted bring a house warming gift to Lily and her new apartment. Ted and Robin are amazed to find not only is the apartment a one room hell-hole, but it is also complete with a “stoveinkorator” (a combined stove, sink, oven and refrigerator). Ted and Robin are determined to rescue Lily but neither of them has room for Lily since Ted lives with her ex-fiance and Robin has five dogs that Lily is allergic to. Ted and Robin try to convince Barney to let Lily stay with him but he refuses to let her into the “Fortress of Barnitude”. Barney returns home later that night and finds Lily sitting on his coach. Ted had given her the spare key since she accidentally demolished her bedroom wall. Seeing how desperate Lily is, Barney agrees to let her stay for two nights but she can’t change anything.


The next morning, Barney awakens to find Lily waiting with breakfast and coffee. Barney yells at Lily saying she already broke his only rule by stocking his fridge with food and making coffee. Barney gives Lily the official tour, pointing out all the ways his apartment makes it known, this is not a place for a woman. The following morning, Barney awakens to find his latest sexual conquest staring at him. He tries is usual tactics to scare the woman off including his professionally lit porn collection, but the woman is unfazed. Lily unexpectedly walks in, leading the woman to believe Barney is married and storms off. Seeing Lily’s potential, Barney invites her to stay longer and all she has to do is scare off the woman Barney brings home. After a few mornings of scaring woman off, Lily tricks Barney into redecorating the apartment how she wants it by telling him woman will never believe she actually lives there the way it looks as is.


After redecorating the entire apartment, Lily and Barney watch tv together before Barney leaves for the bar; this leads us to the first scene. Barney awakens the morning to find Lily next to him in bed. After realizing he stayed in on a Friday night and didn’t have sex with Lily, Barney becomes furious and accuses Lily of tricking him into changing everything. Barney demands Lily leave but she refuses because she put a lot of work into furnishing the apartment. Lily agrees to return to her apartment as long as she can take everything she furnished Barney’s apartment with, thus ending the two week “marriage” between Barney and Lily.


While Lily and Barney are being the “world’s greatest couple”, Marshall misses being a couple. Marshall’s story begins with him trying to find someone to go the Alanis Morissette concert with him. Marshall bought the tickets for him and Lily months before their break up. Marshall tells Robin and Ted he misses having someone to go to farmer’s markets and brunch with and that he has tried it alone but it’s not the same. After returning from the Alanis Morissette concert in a state of joy, Robin and Ted are shocked to find out Marshall went with his friend from college, Brad. Marshall tells them Brad is also recently single and they had an awesome time together, the two even made plans to go to brunch together. After a few “bro-dates”, Ted and Robin tease Marshall that he and Brad are dating. Marshall shrugs them off, but changes his mind when Brad pays for dinner, wipes his chin for him and invites him to a wedding at a bed and breakfast in Vermont where they will share a suite. Understanding how lonely being single can be, Marshall agrees to go to the wedding with plans of “breaking up” with Brad after the wedding. On the morning of the wedding, Marshall goes to meet Brad and finds his holding flowers. Marshall approaches Brad and begins his break up speech but is interrupted when Brad’s ex-girlfirend Kara, walks up and accepts the flowers. Brad informs Marshall he and Kara got back together and Marshall immediately turn into a jealous ex-girlfriend insisting Brad “should have called”.

I enjoyed this episode for the counterbalance of Barney not wanting to be in a relationship and Marshall wishing he was. The dichotomy of Barney’s “bachelor” pad designs and Marshall’s “couple activities” leave me wishing the episode was longer. Amazingly, this is the first time we see Barney’s apartment and it is a perfect extension of his persona from the tv that has to be “shipped over in a tugboat like freaking King Kong” to the second bedroom designated solely for his suits. The fact that Marshall and Brad never refer to Broadway as “Bro’dway” is a travesty to me, I thought it was a no-brainer. The icing on the cake with Brad and Marshall’s “bromance” was at the end of the episode when they run into each other for the first time since their “break up” and Marshall tells Ted that even if Brad doesn’t look fat, to tell him anyway.

My favorite scene is when Lily discovers Barney’s tv and he tells her it has to be “shipped over in a tugboat like freaking King Kong!” When Lily mentions the tv is so bright it hurts her eyes, Barney responds with, “Yeah, that doesn’t go away.”



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