HIMYM review Season 2 Episode 4 “Ted Mosby: Architect”


“Ted Mosby: Architect” has two story lines. The episode picks up with the first story line, Ted and Robin’s first fight. Ted finds Barney and Marshall at MacLaren’s and tells them about he and Robin’s first fight, while Robin finds Lily at a salon and does the same. We find out that Ted’s architecture firm is designing a skyscraper for a bank in Spokane and if they don’t get the bid, they will go under. The only problem is that the design Ted is forced to work on, looks like a giant penis. Robin meets Ted at the apartment after a long day of work. When Ted tries to talk about his day, Robin shuts him down, saying she knows his day was horrible as usual and doesn’t want to hear the boring details. Robin compares hearing Ted’s work stories to watching Field of Dreams, a horrible movie in her opinion. Lily helps Robin realize she doesn’t know how to be a good girlfriend because her relationships never last this long. On the flip side, Barney tells Ted being an architect isn’t boring, he just has to put a better emphasize on it and woman would eat it up. As Marshall and Barney head to a party Marshall’s friend is hosting, Ted tests out Barney’s advice on a cute woman at the bar. To Ted’s amazement, the woman, Anna played by Dawn Olivieri, hit it off.

Robin and Lily head to MacLaren’s to find Ted but instead are met by a woman asking if they are looking for “Ted Mosby, the Architect?” The woman informs them Ted left with Anna to join Marshall at the party. Robin is initially relieved Ted found someone else to complain to, but Lily informs her Ted picking up a woman at a bar isn’t something to take lightly. Robin and Ted arrive at the party but again Ted is no where to be found. Marshall’s friend, Brad played by Joe Manganiello, tells Robin Ted Mosby, the Architect, and Marshall headed to a dance club with the girl who had the “spank-able ass”. Outside the party, Robin finally becomes worried and tries to call Ted but it goes to voice mail. Robin calls Marshall and he says Ted is at work. Hanging up, Robin realizes Ted is cheating on her.

Robin and Lily head to the club to track down Ted and kill him. The bouncer mentions to Robin and Lily he remember Ted Mosby, the Architect, leaving with Anna to her apartment across the street. After bribing the bouncer for the location, Robin marches to the apartment to confront Ted and Anna. Outside of Anna’s apartment, Robin realizes this is all her fault, she turned “the nicest guy in the world” into a cheater. Upon entering the apartment, Robin and Lily find Barney tied to a bed. Barney clears everything up, telling them he posed as Ted for the evening to prove architects are sexy but mostly to have sex with Anna. Robin is relieved to hear Ted isn’t cheating but confesses to Lily she doesn’t like feeling jealous and paranoid. Lily sheds some light on her feelings toward Marshall, tellling Robin she misses feeling jealous and paranoid. Barney leaves his pre-typed break up note and the trio leave before Anna gets out of the shower.

Confused, Robin wanders the streets reflecting on the evening’s events before she brings Ted coffee and donuts and work. Robin apologizes to Ted and insists on hearing about his day, telling him she loves being the person he bitches to. After showing Robin the penis building design, Ted shows her a secret design he has been working on and you can see in Robin’s face she finally has an interest in Ted’s job. Future Ted tells his kids that building design was his first constructed building.

“Ted Mosby: Architect” is one of my favorite episodes from season two. I love the fact that Lily is positive Ted isn’t mad about Robin calling Field of Dreams a horrible movie, when in reality Ted, Barney and Marshall are all mad she thinks it’s a horrible movie. I think it’s a quick example of how truly different men and woman’s priorities are. There is so much to love about this episode, especially the constant penis jokes made by all the guys and the moments when future Ted points out our future government leaders at the party. I think the main lesson to take from this episode is that relationships are work and a lot of times you will have to endure things you don’t want to do, like listening to your significant other complain about their boring day job.

My favorite scene is when Ted tells Barney and Marshall Robin doesn’t like Field of Dreams, their facial expressions and mannerisms are priceless.




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