HIMYM review Season 2 Episode 1 “Where Were We?”


Season two picks up immediately where season one left off. After a passionate night with Robin, Ted finds Marshall sitting in the rain on his stoop with Lily’s ring. Future Ted tells his kids the summer of 2006 was wonderful because he finally got together with Robin but it was horrible because Marshall and Lily broke up. We flashback to the previous night where Lily leaves Marshall. She tells Marshall she is going to San Francisco because she needs to find out who she is, outside of their relationship. Back in the present, Ted does his best convince Marshall not to call Lily, saying he will look weak and regret it. When Robin shows up asking if Marshall heard the “big news”, Ted interrupts Robin mid-sentence, saying he did hear about how Lily and Marshall broke up last night and nothing else important happened. Barney stumbles into the apartment telling Marshall he got his message about the break up. Barney offers his condolences and tries to cheer Marshall up by giving him some exciting news. For the first time, Barney, Marshall and Ted are all single and they are going to rule New York. During Barney’s inspirational speech, he notices Robin and Ted exchanging glances, immediately saying ” you did it, didn’t you?”


Future Ted tells us the first 30 days of a new relationship beginning and an old relationship ending, are the same, you spend all your time in bed, your friends can’t stand to listen to you talk, and you never wear pants. On day 22, Ted tries to cheer up Marshall by cooking pancakes, because Sundays are “Pancakes Day”. Marshall refuses saying pancakes remind him of Lily. Ted does his best to prevent Marshall from calling Lily but eventually fails. Marshall interrupts Ted and Robin in the shower, telling them Lily changed her number. Later at MacLaren’s, Robin, Ted and Barney complain about how clingy Marshall has been. The gang agree they need to get Marshall out of the apartment. Barney takes Marshall to a strip club, telling can’t get over Lily if he can still picture her naked. Ted tries to cheer up Marshall by taking him to a Yankees game but it only angers Marshall when a couple gets engaged a few rows below them. Robin takes Marshall to a gun range to relieve some stress. After talking about Ted’s distaste for guns, Marshall unloads a clip and feels much better about himself.


Thankful Robin cheered up Marshall, Ted tells her he is going to take her to his uncle’s beach house for a romantic weekend. Ted returns to his apartment to make sure Marshall will be okay by himself. Marshall gives Ted his blessing and offers Ted his car so he doesn’t have to rent one. Marshall depression quickly returns when he finds a credit card bill for Lily. Ted confiscates the bill and takes it with the trash to dumpster before Marshall can read it. The next evening, Marshall read the purchases from the bill to the gang. Lacking any reason, the purchases lead Marshall to believe Lily is dating funk legend, George Clinton, and the two are doing activities he and Lily didn’t do together. Barney assures Marshall that didn’t happen because the bill lists charges from a month ago and to view her online bill for recent charges. Marshall rushes upstairs and looks at Lily’s credit card statement but he isn’t prepared for what he finds. Lily made a purchase earlier that day for a hotel room in New York.


Ted tries to talk Marshall out of calling Lily but Marshall doesn’t listen. When Marshall is transferred to Lily’s room, a man answers, leading Marshall to believe Lily already has a new boyfriend. Marshall attempts to go to Lily’s hotel room but is stopped in his tracks when Ted calls him pathetic. Ted apologizes but tells Marshall he isn’t acting like himself and he doesn’t have a chance at winning Lily back like this. Ted convinces Barney to watch Marshall for the weekend and he and Robin head to his uncle’s beach house. During the drive, Robin and Ted argue whether he was too hard on Marshall. Ted confronts Robin about the gun range and the two quickly get into a gun debate. Ted ends the argument, admitting he was too hard on Marshall and calls Barney to check on him. Barney is another strip club but quickly realizes Marshall left him.


Ted finds Marshall at Lily’s hotel bar. Marshall confesses he went to Lily’s room with a speech prepared but immediately punched the guy who opened the door. As it turns out, Lily isn’t in New York. The guy Marshall punched is an identity thief. He is the one who put all the charges on Lily’s credit card that Marshall was obsessing over. Marshall admits to Ted he doesn’t know who he is without Lily, similarly to Lily’s reasoning for going to California. Ted assures Marshall he will get through this just like he did before he met Lily. On day 67, Robin and Ted awake to find Marshall feeling better and making pancakes. Future Ted tells his kids that only time can heal a broken heart. We end the episode with the gang at MacLaren’s and Marshall looking back to his old self. Outside you can see Lily peering at the group through a window and then turns to leave.

“Where Were We?” is another episode in a long line of episodes that deals with a universal problem, how do you recover from a difficult break up. As we find out here through this episode, Marshall just needed time, a philosophy that worked for me in the past. Every day that passes, you hurt a little less and a little less.

My favorite scene is when Barney gives his speech to Marshall about how he, Marshall and Ted “will be there”.



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