HIMYM review Season 1 Episode 14 “Zip, Zip, Zip”


While episode 14 does feature a story arc with Ted and Victoria, it is mostly a filler episode.


“Zip, Zip, Zip” begins with future Ted talking to us about relationship “firsts” and that his first kiss, first night together and first weekend together with Victoria happened in 24 hours. Based on the timeline of the first kiss, this episode takes place a few days after “Drumroll, Please”. Lily and Marshall are listening for movement in Ted’s bedroom because Ted and Victoria have been in there all weekend. Lily and Marshall scatter when Victoria and Ted emerge and try to pretend they weren’t listening outside the bedroom door. After Victoria leaves, Marshall and Lily ask Ted how many times they had sex and to their surprise, Ted tells them he and Victoria are waiting because they both have had past relationships end from moving too fast. Ted also mentions it is mostly Victoria’s idea but he is going with it because he thinks she might be the one. Flash forward to MacLaren’s three weeks later and Ted still hasn’t had sex with Victoria because she wants to wait until their one month anniversary.  Robin joins the rest of the group and wants to hang out the coming weekend but everyone has plans except Barney. Lily and Marshall are planning to celebrate their ninth anniversary by going to a romantic getaway and Ted is taking Victoria to dinner. We skip to the weekend as Lily and Marshall prepare to leave for their romantic getaway. After some increasingly negative remarks about the planned trip, Marshall and Lily decide to stay home and relax. Meanwhile, Ted and Victoria are in a cab on their way to dinner. Victoria mentions the following week will be a month and how she is looking forward to it. Ted tries to play it cool and acts like he doesn’t know the 18th is only a short time away. Upon hearing the actual date, Victoria realizes she will be out of town and suggests to Ted they have sex that night. Back at the apartment, Lily and Marshall are in the bathroom brushing their teeth when Ted and Victoria burst through the front door and onto the living room couch. Fearing they will ruin Ted’s chances of getting lucky, Marshall and Lily agree to hide in the bathroom.


Lily and Marshall spy on Ted and Victoria, hoping they move to the bedroom soon so they can leave the bathroom. It becomes abundantly clear that Ted and Victoria aren’t in a rush when they start gazing into each other’s eyes and share cheesy lines back and forth. Lily and Marshall make fun of the corniness that’s going on in the living room until Lily realizes her and Marshall used to be the corny couple. Lily starts to realize the romance in her and Marshall’s relationship has been declining and fears they are out of “firsts”. The cheesefest continues in the living room until a sliver of hope rears it’s head. Victoria finally begins to move to the bedroom when Ted’s phone rings. Notice a pattern with Ted’s phone? Ted gives whoever is on the phone his blessing and returns to Victoria. Victoria suggests her and Ted have another bottle of wine before they leave the living room. Lily tells Marshall she is worried about their relationship and she feels she is about put out the last flicker of mystery between them because she has to pee. Lily is forced to pee in front of Marshall when Victoria tells Ted she can’t wait any longer and doesn’t want to move to the bedroom.

After doing her business, Lily says she feels okay and Marshall, who was hiding behind the shower curtain, slides the curtain to the side and says he feels closer to Lily. The bright side is they can now wait in the bathroom for as long as needed, that is until Lily flushes the toilet out of habit. Knowing Victoria and Ted will have heard the toilet flush, Lily and Marshall enter the living room only to find it deserted. Sitting in the reclaimed living room, Marshall cheers Lily up by mentioning he and Lily still haven’t pooped in front of each other and Lily realizes even after nine years together, they still have “firsts”. As Lily and Marshall share a joyous kiss, Ted exits his bedroom for the bathroom and tells them, ” come on guys, get a room.”


While the rest of the gang are upstairs in the apartment, Ted and Robin are at MacLaren’s. After Robin tells Barney a great way to spy on girls at the bar, Barney invites Robin to a “bro’s night out”. Robin meets Barney at a cigar bar and to his amazement, Robin suits up. After some cigars and a few drinks, Barney takes Robin to play laser tag. Robin and Barney try to hold their own but are eventually bested by the kids they are playing against. Barney and Robin head back to MacLaren’s where they talk about the board game Battleship and how neither of them has ever lost. Switching gears, Robin plays Barney’s wing-man and tricks a cute girl into aggressively chasing after Barney. Barney leaves the sure thing and asks Robin if she wants to leave the bar. When Robin asks about the girl, Barney tells her you leave no “bro” behind, either they all score or no one does. Robin agrees and invites Barney to her place for some “hardcore Battleship”.


At Robin’s apartment, Robin returns to her living room with Battleship in hand, only to find Barney “birthday suiting up”. Barney apologizes for getting the signals, or lack there of, crossed and puts his clothes back on. Robin tries to tell Barney he is crazy if he thinks they would work out and Barney proves her wrong by telling her he has thought about it and lists why they are perfect for each other. Surprised by Barney making sense, Robin and Barney sit down to play Battleship. When Robin asks what Ted would think, Barney tells her he called Ted when they were playing laser tag and Ted gave his blessing, this is the mysterious phone call that prevents Lily and Marshall from leaving the bathroom. Barney notices Robin reaction about Ted’s blessing and figures out she likes Ted. After some teasing, Robin asks Barney if he is going to tell Ted. Barney smiles and says no, it’s in the “Bro Code”, One “bro” doesn’t tell a second “bro” that a third “bro” likes him.

Although “Zip, Zip, Zip” is a filler episode, it brings an interesting view of examining relationships. You have the young puppy love relationship, the mature trying to keep the romance alive relationship and the always difficult secret crush on a friend relationship. Episode 14 also adds to the reoccurring gags with a “freeze frame” high five and “birthday suiting up”. I think you see Barney start to fall for Robin in this episode when he realizes how good of a “bro” she is.

Picking my favorite scene was difficult in this episode. There wasn’t a scene that necessarily stood out to me but I would have to go with Robin and Barney making fun of Ted and then “freeze frame” high fiving.




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