HIMYM review Season 1 Episode 11 “The Limo”


Episode 11 is another filler episode even though future Ted mentions the story was leading somewhere. This is the first episode that takes place on New Year’s Eve.


We begin “The Limo”, with Ted pulling up to Lily, Marshall, Barney and Robin in a limo. Inside, Ted tells everyone he has planned out their New Year’s Eve celebration. The gang will travel to five different New Year’s Eve parties before midnight and then double back to the best party to ring in the New Year, except Robin. Robin has plans with her rich boyfriend, Derek. Barney adds to the night’s excitement by bringing his “get psyched” cd mix and playing the first track, “You Give Love A Bad Name” by Bon Jovi. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrZHPOeOxQQ) The gang discovers Ranjit is their driver when he roles down the window to say hello. Robin is the only person who isn’t familiar with Ranjit since the group met him the night Ted stole the blue french horn. Robin leaves to wait for Derek as the rest of the group heads off to party number one.


The group leaves party number one but is accompanied by Natalya, a Russian girl that Barney picked up, and Marybeth, one of Ted’s coworkers and his potential date for the evening. Earlier, Ted mentioned that he thinks Marybeth, played by Kathleen Rose Perkins, has a crush on him because she find ways to touch him at the office. Inside the limo, Marybeth officially introduces herself to everyone by hugging them, then the group heads to party number two. The group leaves party number two disappointed by the atmosphere but relieved they left Natalya there. Ted’s phones rings and it’s Robin. After finding out Derek stood Robin up, Ted instructs Ranjit to pick up Robin. Lily sees the twenty minute detour as an opportunity to go home and change shoes before meeting the group at party number three.


After picking up Robin, Ted tries to cheer her up by telling her they can kiss and midnight and for Ranjit to head to Gray’s Papaya for hotdogs. With hotdogs in hand, the gang spot a man on the sidewalk that they mistake for recording artist Moby. After talking with “Moby”, Ted offers him a ride to his New Year’s Eve party. Just before the limo heads to “Moby’s” party, Marshall tells Ted he has to find Lily since she doesn’t know they aren’t headed to party number three. Marshall plans to find Lily and met up with the rest of the gang at party number three. During the ride to “Moby’s” party, the gang finds out “Moby” is not Moby and he has a gun. Ranjit drops off “Not Moby” at his party just before Barney answers Marshall’s cell phone that he left in the limo. On the phone is Lily and she is raving about how awesome party number three is. While on the phone, Ted and Barney beg Lily to run when she spots “Moby” enter the party. Lily jumps in the limo and the group discovers she accidentally went to party number four. Knowing that “Not Moby’s” party is party number four, the group heads to party number three again.


The group’s spirits get low when the limo gets a flat tire and they discover “Not Moby” stole Barney’s “get psyched” mix. After Ted and Robin try to raise everyone’s spirits by singing “You Give Love A Bad Name” a capella, Marybeth tells Ted she is leaving. Ted tries to convince Marybeth to stay but is stopped in his tracks when Marybeth asks how long he has been in love with Robin. Marybeth gives Ted a hug goodbye and tells him Robin likes him too. A short time later, Ted and Barney stand through the moon roof, debating whether the night can be saved, while Lily stands through the moon roof yelling for Marshall and Robin talks with Derek on the phone. Just as Ted is about to concede the night, Marshall is heard yelling back at Lily. Marshall tells everyone he left party number three, walked to party number four, where he got “Moby” to sign his shirt and walked to party number five where they absolutely need to spend the night. To top it all off, Marshall stole Barney’s “get psyched” mix from party number four and Natalya is found sleeping in the front seat. With their spirits soaring again and the flat tire fixed, the group heads to party number five with fifteen minutes to spare before midnight.


With three minutes until midnight, the limo gets stuck in traffic. As the group yells at the traffic, Ted tells Ranjit to park and pops the top on some champagne. Ted fills everyone’s glass and says they don’t need a party because they are at the best party in New York. Just as Robin reminds Ted of their midnight kiss, Derek magically finds Robin and the limo. Feeling left out because he is the only unpaired person, Ted closes the door and walks down the sidewalk as the group countdowns the New Year. Future Ted is heard saying to his kids, “you probably want to feel bad for you old man at his point, well don’t. Not every night has a happy ending but all of it’s important. All of it was leading somewhere because suddenly it was 2006 and 2006 was a big one.” Robin chases after Ted and asks why he is bailing on their deal. Ted tells Robin to go kiss Derek but she tells Ted since Derek made her wait, she is going to make him wait. Ted and Robin then share their second kiss.

“The Limo” isn’t an episode that stands out to me when I think about it but after reviewing it I think it still an important episode in the story. In this episode Ted’s potential date with another girl is ruined because she realizes Ted loves Robin and Robin chooses to kiss Ted over her boyfriend. Also the let down of Ted’s New Year’s Even plans hark back to “Okay Awesome” where Ted and the coat check girl list things that are supposed to be great but are always at let down, New Year’s Eve is mentioned as one of those things. I like the fact that Ted’s plans are ruined because I have had many New Year’s Eves not turn out how I hoped, I think this goes back to How I Met Your Mother’s relatability.

My favorite scene is future Ted’s quote to his kids about “everything was leading somewhere” and then he and Robin share a kiss. I guess I’m just a hopeless romantic.

Cheers and don’t forget to get psyched.


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