HIMYM review Season 1 Episode 10 “The Pineapple Incident”


Episode 10 is one of the best episodes from season one. Episode 10 should be considered a filler episode but has one of the best story lines from any episode.


The gangs begins “The Pineapple Incident” at MacLaren’s. Carl brings the group five shots he invented to try. After some debate, the group decides not to take the shots because they look like blood, this causes Marshall to announce his theory that Carl is a vampire. When Robin mentions leaving to change, Lily tells the rest of the group that Robin is dating a very wealthy guy and he is taking Robin to an expensive charity dinner. After Robin leaves, the gang talks about how Ted still has feelings for Robin. Barney tries to get Ted to hit on a group of women sitting at another booth but Ted refuses when Barney says his pick up line is going to be, “daddy’s home”. Barney returns a short time later with a name and phone number. Ted, amazed, can’t believe “daddy’s home” actually worked. Barney lectures Ted that he “thinks” to much and that he needs “to do”. Barney challenges Ted to “turn off his brain” for the night by taking all five of the “Red Dragon” shots Carl gave them. After Lily, Marshall and Barney chant for Ted to drink repeatedly, Ted begins to take the shots. One by one, Ted finishes the shots pausing between each one to brag that his brain is a “super brain” and won’t be affected by the alcohol. Shortly after the last shot is placed on the table, Ted blacks out.


Ted wakes up the next morning with a hangover, an unknown girl in his bed, a pineapple on his nightstand and a sprained ankle. Ted ventures into the living room where Lily and Marshall welcome him back to the world of the living. Ted tells the two he doesn’t remember last night and Lily and Marshall tell Ted about the previous night’s events. We flashback to MacLaren’s just after Ted finishes the last shot. Carl comes over to ask how the group enjoyed the shots and Ted says, “I drank all five, bitch.” Marshall laughs and says he loves “drunk Ted”. Marshall then gives Ted a death stare when Ted tells Carl that Marshall thinks he is a vampire. Ted then pulls out his phone and calls Robin. During his drunken conversation with Robin, Ted first mentions he is “drunk free since ’93”. Lily takes Ted’s phone from him because “friends don’t let friends drink and dial” but Barney gives it back to Ted. Ted tells the group he is going to the bathroom but instead heads to the jukebox. Ted calls Robin a second time and sings along with the jukebox playing “Voices” by Cheap Trick. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rN7izonx-F8) While standing on a table singing into his phone, Ted slips, rolling his ankle. Lily and Marshall then take Ted upstairs to the apartment and put him to bed. Ted mentions the girl in his bed but Marshall and Lily don’t have an explanation for her, the pineapple or the newly discovered burnt spot on Ted’s jacket.


Ted decides to call Barney and hope he can shed some light on the previous evening. Ted, Lily and Marshall hear a phone ring and find Barney in their bathtub because the porcelain does not wrinkle his beloved suits. Barney tells Ted he doesn’t remember the girl from last night and proceeds to tell Ted, Lily and Marshall about his night. After Lily and Marshall put Ted to bed, Ted went back to MacLaren’s and had more drinks with Barney. Barney tries to get Ted to hit on a girl but Ted wanders off to call Robin a third time. While the phone is ringing, Barney tells Ted he will light his jacket on fire if he doesn’t hang up. Robin answers the phone irritated at Ted’s numerous calls, only to hear the sound of Ted screaming. Back in the present, Ted checks his arms to make sure he was not burned and finds a message wrote on his arm saying, “I am Ted. If lost please call…” and then a phone number.


Ted calls the phone number only to discover the phone number and message belong to Carl. Carl then fills Ted in on what happened. Ted returned to MacLaren’s again after Barney put him to bed. Ted starts talking to Carl and then tells him he has to go to the bathroom to throw up, putting an end to “puke free since ’93”. When Ted returns to the bar, he babels to Carl about karaoke meaning empty orchestra and wanting to see penguins at the zoo right now. Carl realizing how drunk “drunk Ted” is, writes the message on Ted’s arm in case he needs a ride home. Ted tells Carl he has to call Robin one more time and tells Robin they are attracted to each other, young, drunk (at least half of them) and she should come over and do something stupid together. Robin agrees and Ted goes home. Back in the present, Ted hangs up the phone and informs the rest of the group the girl in his room is Robin. Ted becomes demented when he tries to figure out if this means he and Robin are dating. Lily tells Ted he needs to go talk to Robin about everything but just as Ted walks in his bedroom, the phone rings. Ted answers the phone and on the other end is Robin. Ted moves back into the living room as to not awake the sleeping girl in his bed who clearly can’t be Robin. Robin tells Ted she is coming by his apartment to talk about his phone calls from the night before. Ted tells the gang that Robin is not the girl in his bed and asks who is she out loud, at that moment Trudy emerges from Ted’s room and introduces herself.


Trudy, played by Danica McKeller, sits across from Ted and tells the gang her version of the story. Trudy was at the table that Barney used the “daddy’s home” line on. We find out via her flashback that she just ended a two year relationship and was looking to hook up with a guy. We also find out that Barney’s line didn’t work on any of the girls at her table and Barney wrote down a random name and number to prove a point to Ted. Later as Ted is singing Cheap Trick on the table, Trudy is tells her friends she thinks he is cute. Even later in the night, Trudy runs into Ted in the ladies’ bathroom at MacLaren’s when he goes to go throw up. Trudy reveals that Ted says he did not throw up, continuing his streak, and she gave Ted her number. Ted is then shown calling Trudy, not Robin, when he asks her to come over and do something stupid. It is at this moment that Marshall screams, “but what about the pineapple Trudy!” Ted begs Trudy to wait in his bedroom while he talks with Robin, who she doesn’t know.

Robin questions Ted about his phone calls and mentions she thought thinks were okay between them but the phone calls make it seem like Ted isn’t over her. Ted tells Robin he is over her and tries to prove it by asking Trudy to come out from his bedroom. When Trudy doesn’t come out, Ted and Robin enter his bedroom only to find the window to the fires-cape open. Robin walks over to the pineapple and introduces herself to “Trudy”. Robin tells Ted he had a long night and to get some sleep. Future Ted tells his kids Trudy never returned his phone calls and he never found out where the pineapple came from.

I absolutely love “The Pineapple Incident”. We have all had at least one drunken night that still makes you ponder what happened, hell Todd Phillips made a mountain of money with this concept in the Hangover trilogy. The episode introduces some great reoccurring gags such as “daddy’s home” and “puke free since ’93”. The mysterious pineapple is still speculated about today. Writer Carter Bays admitted he wrote himself into a corner by saying they never found out where the pineapple came from but I hope they eventually find a way to explain it. The underlying message of this episode is one that I struggle with and this thinking too much when it comes to girls. I often wonder if I should have flirted with the cute girl I saw or if she was flirting with me or if she is just being nice because I’m at her job. I can’t help but think of the quote from future Ted in “Sweet Taste of Liberty,” “And that was when I realized why I hung out with Barney. I never got where I thought I wanted to go, but I always got a great story.” I think this quote fits the drunken story. Ted tried to “turn off his brain” for night and get somewhere with Robin, he got somewhere but not with the girl he wanted.

My favorite scene is any scene with “drunk Ted” but particularly “drunk Ted” from Marshall and Lily’s story.

Cheers, oh and BTW Winnie Cooper is still hot.



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