HIMYM review Season 1 Episode 7 “Matchmaker”


“Matchmaker” continues the search for the mother albeit through a third party.


Episode eight picks up with Lily and Marshall, at MacLaren’s, telling the gang about their encounter with either a giant cockroach or a mouse. Robin has Carl the bartender, played by Joe Nieves, turn on the tv to hear a news story she did about a matchmaking service that guarantees a 100 percent success rate. Barney tries to convince Ted they should go to Love Solutions and find the girls of their dreams for one night stands but Ted brushes him off. Later, Barney bursts into the apartment and pleads for Ted to help him save his sinking boat but it was all a rouse to get Ted to Love Solutions office ran by Ellen, played by Camyrn Manheim. Ellen sees right through Barney’s fake act and scares him off but has Ted stay because he is genuine. After reviewing Ted’s file, Ellen guarantees a match in three days.


Back at the apartment, Marshall and Lily run into the mysterious creature again and attempt to squash it with a phone book but it survives and carries the phone book with it. Marshall and Lily run down to MacLaren’s to avoid being stuck in the same room with the angered “cockamouse” as they call it. Robin asks Ted if he has found his perfect match since it has been five days but Ted says he hasn’t heard from Ellen. Ted sneaks over to Love Solutions even though the gang tells him not to. Ellen informs Ted there are no woman in New York City for him. She takes him over to her computer and shows his match results but no girl is matched high enough with Ted. Ted notices one woman, Dr. Sarah O’Brien played by Beth Lacke,  has a match rating of 9.6 out of 10 but she was matched up six months ago with an 8.5. Ellen leaves for a lunch meeting and Ted takes the opportunity to sneak in and steal the profile for his 9.6 while “Parallel or Together?” by Pharamcists & Ted Leo plays. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6D53XWaWFE)


Ted finds out that Sarah is a dermatologist and schedules an appointment to met her. While he is in Sarah’s office, Ted flirts with Sarah and mentions things they have in common hoping to connect with her. Ted even sings Sarah’s “guilty pleasure”, Summer Breeze” by Seals and Crofts. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsHuV3Aj1os) While things are going well for Ted, he takes a chance and ask Sarah out, only to find she is getting married that Saturday. Ted apologizes and mentions if something should happen, to look him up.


When Ted returns to the apartment, he finds Marshall an Lily setting a trap for the cockamouse wile Robin remands skeptical the cockamouse is real. Robin and Marshall begin to argue about the validity of certain mysteries and conspiracies, this is the first time Marshall brings up the Loch Ness Monster. Ted plays an answering machine message from Sarah that she wants to speak with him as soon as possible. Ted thinking that she has changed her mind and wants to go on a date rushes back to her office. While Ted, Barney and Robin are gone, the cockamouse sets off the trap. Marshall heads to Columbia University to meet a friend with the captured cockamouse.

Back at Sarah’s office, she informs Ted that his mole needs to be removed because it could be cancerous. Ted expecting to hear Sarah wants to date him, freaks out and tells her he stole her file from Love Solutions and he is a better match than her fiancé. After hearing she is Ted’s only “match”, Sarah explains to Ted that “love isn’t a science…and that when you find the right person, an 8.5 equals a perfect 10.” At Columbia University, Marshall discovers the cockamouse has escaped and must still be in the apartment with Lily. We jump to the apartment where Lily and Robin spot the cockamouse and throw an alcoholic drink at it. Marshall somehow inherits the power to teleport and runs into the apartment to save Lily. Marshall grabs the cockamouse and throws it out the window only to discover it can fly.

Ted heads back to the Love Solutions office and finds Ellen drinking away her sorrows because she can’t find Ted a match. Ellen tells Ted she even stood on the street for five hours with his picture but the only interested party was a transvestite and he/she would give Ted a discount. Ted tells Ellen he isn’t giving up and that she should keep looking only this time for free.

“Matchmaker” is a hybrid episode that attempts to continue the search for the mother by using a third party. The lesson I take from this episode is that, love isn’t a science. Something that works for one person, isn’t necessarily going to work for another. Ted shows us that we have to continue to believe that the right person is out there for us even if others tell us they aren’t.  I think Robin asking Ted if he found a match is a subtle sign that Robin is starting to wonder if her and Ted are perfect for each other, hence the matchmaking service that she turned him on to.

My favorite scene is when Ellen tells Ted Barney’s alias name was “Jack Package” and Barney says through the door, “it’s pronounced Packagé.”



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