HIMYM review Season 1 Episode 6 “The Slutty Pumpkin”


“The Slutty Pumpkin” is our first holiday themed episode.


We begin episode six with the gang at MacLaren’s discussing their Halloween plans for the evening. Marshall and Lily are going to compete in MacLaren’s annual costume contest and Robin mentions she and her new boyfriend Mike will probably stay home. Lily convinces Robin to bring Mike to MacLaren’s for a double date so they can evaluate him. Ted tries to tell Robin the story of the Slutty Pumpkin but Barney, Marshall and Lily having heard the story repeatedly, tell portions of the story for him. We flash back to the Halloween roof party of Ted’s building from 2001. Ted dressed as a “hanging chad” spots a cute girl dressed as a “slutty pumpkin”, because it has strategically places holes, mixing Kahlua and root beer. Ted talks with the pumpkin and finds out she made the drink herself and calls it a “tootsie roll” and that she studies penguins. The Slutty Pumpkin hits it off with Ted and gives her number to him on a KitKat. Ted heads back to the apartment where Lily, dressed as Sonny, and Marshall, dressed as Cher, are handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. Ted loses his mind when he realizes Lily accidentally gave the KitKat with the Slutty Pumpkin’s number away. Ted chases down a little kid to search his candy but with no luck. Back in the present, Ted tells Robin he attends the roof party every year and dresses as a “hanging chad” in hopes he will run into the Slutty Pumpkin again.


Back at the apartment, Ted puts on his “hanging chad” costume and Lily and Marshall unveil their costumes as Marshall dressed like a pirate that looks like Michael Bolton from the song “Jack Sparrow” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI6CfKcMhjY) and Lily dressed as his parrot. Ted hears “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siwpn14IE7E) from the hallway and opens the door to see Barney walk in dressed as a fighter pilot. Barney gives Ted a flight suit and tells him to “flight suit up” and be his wing-man for the Victoria Secret Halloween party. Barney quotes Top Gun when Ted refuses to go with him but ultimately follows Ted to the roof.


Robin and Mike meet Lily and Marshall at the apartment where Mike is dressed as Hansel. Robin joked with Mike about dressing as Hansel and Gretel but Mike thought she was serious. Down at MacLaren’s, the two couples are eating at a booth with Lily and Marshall calling each other “Lilypad” and “Marshmellow” for the first time and sharing their dinner. Mike tries to be affectionate with Robin but she stops every advance he makes.  Lily and Robin adjourn to the restroom to powder their noses and Lily tells Robin she needs to act like she’s dating Mike or she will lose him,


On the roof, Ted waits for the Slutty Pumpkin and Barney hits on a cute girl dressed a hula dancer. Barney strikes out and tries his best to convince Ted to go with him to the Victoria Secret party. Barney leaves Ted and refers to himself as the “Barnacle” for the first time. A short time later, Ted sees Barney again but this time dressed as a masked devil. Barney explains to Ted that he always bring a spare costume in case he strikes out with the hottest girl at the party, he can try again. Barney does indeed try again and fails a second time.

Meanwhile, Robin is trying her best to share dessert with Mike and failing horribly. Every time Mike refers to he and Robin as “we”, Robin changes it to “he” and “I”. Mike, tired of feeling unwanted, breaks up with Robin and leaves MacLaren’s.


On the roof, Ted spots a penguin costume mixing a “tootsie roll”. He approaches the penguin and asks if they met four years ago. Barney takes off the penguin head and makes fun of Ted for being predictable. Barney tells Ted he “penguin suited up” to come back for Ted and there is still time to go to the Victoria Secret party but mostly he came back to get the hula dancer’s number, which he did. Ted tells Barney for the last time he is staying and Barney “flippers” him off.

Back at MacLaren’s, Marshall and Lily are announced as the costume contest winners for dressing as a parrot and a gay pirate. Robin takes Marshall and Lily’s picture and you see a small crack in her armor that breaking up with Mike has got to her. Robin joins Ted on the roof where he is the lone survivor of the party and still waiting for the Slutty Pumpkin.. Robin tells Ted she just got dumped and asks why she doesn’t get excited when dating someone as “Inside of Love” by Nada Surf plays. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdD8Emu-T64) Ted tells her she is fine, just that she hasn’t met the right guy. Robin asks Ted how he has the faith he will find the one? Ted tells Robin he has been drinking a lot and that chances are the Slutty Pumpkin isn’t his perfect woman but “this seems like as good a spot as any to sit and wait.” Robin sits next to Ted and shares her shawl with him. I think we see Robin’s romantic feelings grow a little for Ted at the end of this scene.

I love this episode because it uses lots of music and pop references but mostly because it showcases just how much Ted wants to meet his future wife or possibly his future wife. Also, Barney adds another variation of the high five, the “self five”. Barney also adds two variations to “suit up” by “flight suiting up” and “penguin suiting up”. “The Slutty Pumpkin” has a lot content to follow but the main message is that you can’t force a relationship, whether that is Robin who prefers to be single or Ted who desperately wants to meet a girl that destiny took away from him. My favorite scene is when Ted asks Barney what he is doing and Barney says, “I’m flippering you off.”

Cheers and don’t forget to bring a back up costume.



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