HIMYM review Season 1 Episode 5 “Okay Awesome”


“Okay Awesome” is another filler episode. I’m starting to think there are more filler episodes in season one than I remember.


Robin has been invited to club “Okay” because the owner recognizes her from Metro News 1 and invites Ted and Barney to go with her. After talking with one of her coworkers, Lily and Marshall decide it’s time to be more mature and host a wine tasting party with other couples. Barney and Ted meet Robin at the club where in stereotypical fashion, it is so loud you can barely hear the person next to you. Robin also invited Ted to set him up with her friend Kelly. Barney finds a nice “cutlet” as he puts it and proceeds to grind on her all night.


Back at the apartment, the wine tasting party is a snoozefest. Marshall can’t seem to fit in with the other couples and makes some awkward comments that offend Lily’s coworker. Marshall sneaks to the club via the bathroom window. Ted is dancing with Kelly and realizes she has no clue what he is saying over the obnoxiously loud music. Ted has fun with this and begins to yell weird phrases because she can’t hear him. The music drops out right as Ted yells, “I’m wetting my pants!” thus ending his night with Kelly. Ted goes to fetch his coat and leave but runs into Marshall and agrees to have one beer.

Lily goes to check on Marshall and realizes he is not in the bathroom. She calls his cell phone and hears the loud club music, immediately knowing where he went. Lily escapes from the party via the bathroom window like Marshall and heads to “Okay”. Ted heads to the coat check for a second time and ends up hitting it off with the coat check girl. Meanwhile, Lily finds Robin stuck outside the club without a way to get them in. After a talk with Robin, Lily accepts that she doesn’t have to do “mature grown up things” to be happy. They flash the bouncer and join the rest of the group inside. Before Lily and Robin meet up with group, Barney finally gets to look at the “cutlet’s” face only to discover he has been grinding with his cousin, Leslie. Freaked out by his new discovery, Barney searches for Ted and demands to leave but not before telling Ted what he has just done. Ted, Barney, Lily and Robin all find Marshall dancing in the center of floor while everyone watches him bust a move. Lily locks eyes with Marshall and smiles realizing she is happy with their life the way it is.

Episode five is not an important episode by any stretch of the imagination but it does try to teach us that we shouldn’t be in a rush to grow up. I live in Oklahoma and at the age of 25, the majority of people I know are married and have kids. I’m in the minority here because I have dreams and aspirations that I want to accomplish before marriage or kids or a mortgage. I think this episode is great example that with How I Met Your Mother, even the small episodes can have an important lesson. Remember to always be yourself.

My favorite scene is when Ted uses his new found leverage over Barney to have him tip the coat check girl. Edit:  After talking about this episode, I decided I don’t have a favorite scene but that my favorite part of the episode is when the subtitles are used to show what every one is saying at the club.



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