HIMYM review Season 1 Episode 2 “Purple Giraffe”


Episode two picks up a couple of weeks after the pilot episode. Ted has decided to keep his distance from Robin because he doesn’t lover her and it was just a phase. Ted, Marshall and Barney run into Lily having drinks with Robin at MacLaren’s, notice a pattern here? Robin is a tv reporter for Metro News 1 and heads back to work for the late broadcast. Naturally being the hopeless romantic he is, Ted realizes he is still in love with Robin and has to win her back. Lily’s loose tongue lets slip that Robin talked about Ted and that she has a little crush on him but that he comes on strong. Of course Ted decides to act casual to prove to Robin he isn’t in love with her because when you are in love the dumbest ideas make the most sense. And speaking of dumb ideas, Ted throws a party so he can spend time with Robin without it seeming like a date.


While at the party, Barney does his best to convince Ted to forget about Robin and find the girl that doesn’t know anyone. Yes, another theory is introduced in this episode. The theory goes that at almost every party in New York City, there is on girl who has no clue who’s party she is at or any one at the party, making her a prime target for a random hook up. The party ends and Robin is a no show. The following day, Robin calls Ted to apologize for being stuck at work  and causing her to miss the party. Ted plays it “casual” and pretends to not care but jumps at the chance to throw a second party when Robin mentions she wished the party was that night. Again the party is crawling with people and again Robin is a no show. The following morning Robin calls Ted to apologize for being stuck at work for the second night in a row. My favorite scene is during this phone call, Ted is trying to act “casual” again. His response to Robin’s apology is, “ain’t no thing but a chicken wing mamasita” and then proceeds to ask himself who is he for talking like that. Ted throws a third party because Robin mentions being free that night.

The third party is a flop. There is hardly anyone in the apartment and most of the crowd is guys. Marshall frustrated he hasn’t had a chance to write a 25 page paper for law school due to the multiple parties, yells at Ted that Robin isn’t coming to the party for a third time and to give up. Robin was standing in the kitchen with Lily the whole time. Ted quick on his feet tells Robin he threw the parties to introduce her to Carlos. (Those of you who watch Walking Dead will recognize Carlos as Shane from the first two seasons.) Later, Carlos and Robin head to the roof and Ted decides to interrupt being that the roof was where he wanted to take Robin.


After Ted and Robin air their true feelings on the night, they share their first kiss on the roof. Ted realizes he is most certainly in love with Robin and wants to be more than something casual. This is the first time Robin shares her feelings on marriage and children or should I say lack there of. Ultimately, Ted and Robin decide to be just friends and head to the bar with the rest of the gang. While at MacLaren’s, Robin tells Ted he is a catch and she is going to help him find the lucky girl. Robin then plays our favorite ice breaker game, “have you met Ted?”

“Purple Giraffe” is a decent episode compared to episode one. The audience does get the satisfaction of Ted and Robin’s first kiss but the episode ends with Ted and Robin agreeing to be just friends. Ted shows in this episode that he is infatuated deeply with Robin and will doing anything to have a connection with her.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read further if you don’t want to know the future

This episode is where the “Color Theory” starts.



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