HIMYM review Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot”

And so it begins. I am excited and nervous to start this review for How I Met Your Mother. This will be my first time reviewing a tv show, hopefully it will good and get better. I plan on reviewing the episodes as a first time viewer. I will have a few pieces of information to add from future episodes but I will designate those sections with a SPOILER ALERT.


“Pilot” is an important episode because it tells the viewer the premise of the show. We begin the show in the year 2030. The show’s protagonist, Ted Mosby (played by Josh Radnour), is telling his children how he met their mother and flashes back to 2005. Ted is a 27 year old architect living in Manhattan’s Upper Westside with his best friend and, Marshall Eriksen (played by Jason Segal). Marshall is preparing to propose to his long time girlfriend, Lily Aldrin (played by Alyson Hannigan). Marshall practices proposing to Ted and we start the episode with a laugh and the laugh track. I would like to point out that I dislike the laugh track in tv shows but you learn to ignore it. While Marshall is making dinner and preparing to propose, Ted calls Barney and they agree to meet up, Barney also tells Ted to “suit up” for the first time. This proposal has Ted confiding in his other best friend, Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris) that he wants destiny to point him in the direction of his future wife. Barney and Ted are discussing marriage at their favorite bar, MacLaren’s, when Ted looks on the other side of the bar and locks eyes with Robin Scherbatsky (played by Cobie Smulders).


As Ted is trying to work up a plan to talk with Robin, Barney approaches her and plays his favorite bar game by asking her, “have you met Ted?” breaking the ice. Ted flirts with Robin and sets up a date for the following night. Ted comes home the following night to the newly engaged Lily and Marshall, to explain his perfect date with Robin. To quote Ted, “she likes dogs, likes scotch and can quote obscure lines from Ghostbusters.” Robin is shown quoting, “Ray when someone asks if you’re a god, you say yes.” This is the moment for me personally that I fell in love with the show. I am a sucker for pop culture references and How I Met Your Mother will have a lot in the future. The icing on the cake for Ted’s perfect woman was her dislike of olives. Ted explains his “Olive Theory.” Lily and Marshall are such a great couple because Marshall hates olives and Lily loves them, they “balance” as Ted puts it. Ted walks Robin home and his date ends in a sense of satisfaction, like your true friends in real life Ted is made fun of for not kissing Robin.


Ted, Lily, Marshall and Barney all head back to MacLaren’s to debate whether Ted should have kissed Robin and convince Ted he needs to kiss her tonight before she leaves for Orlando for a week. The gang travels with Ted to Robin’s apartment for moral support and because Barney convinced Ted to suit up. Ted is invited into Robin’s apartment by showing her the blue french horn he stole for her. The restaurant that Ted and Robin had dinner at had a blue french horn on the wall that Robin mentioned she wanted. One of the great lines from this episode is when Ted tell the gang the reason he stole the blue french horn is because “everyone brings flowers” showcasing Ted’s die hard romantic side.


Everything is going great for Ted in Robin’s apartment. He and Robin are slow dancing to Otis Redding’s “Cigarettes and Coffee,” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyMg-EhZ1Es) while giving each other compliments. I love Otis Redding but didn’t know the song before this episode, it has been on repeat on my iPhone. Ted tells Robin he is in love with her, completely ruining the mood and causing Robin to walk him out of her apartment. While on the street Ted gives a great speech about how bad he is at being single and that he knows he would make a great husband if given the chance. He and Robin say their goodbyes and have a long, passionate, somewhat strange handshake and Ted heads back to MacLaren’s to meet his friends plus the cab driver, Ranjit. Ranjit is a small reoccurring character who will show up from time to time.Ted ends the episode by telling his kids that later on Robin said the long, passionate handshake was a sign to kiss her and that was the story of how he met their Aunt Robin.

The pilot is a strong episode that gives us some great scenes and sets up the future story. My favorite scene is the date where Robin quotes Ghostbusters and Ted refers to the blue french horn as a “smurf penis”. The dance scene with “Cigarettes and Coffee” is the first of multiple future memorable moments tied with music. Thanks for reading the pilot review. It’s late and I’m too tired to go on.



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