How I Met Your Mother review

So a quick back track, my coworker Ray helped me get into HIMYM. I had been told for years that it was amazing, second coming of Friends, etc. but shrugged it off. I can be hard headed at times. I caught The Naked Man (Season 4, Episode 9) on tv twice in the same week and thought it was funny and I would give the show a try. I laughed and loved the first episode immediately from the Ghostbusters reference. My love of HIMYM has probably grown into an addiction because I have watched every season twice and just started it for a third time in just over a year.

Fast forward to now and Ray doesn’t like that he can’t remember all the details like I can so me, him and a few other friends are going to start the seasons over again. We are going to watch one episode a night every Sunday through Thursday and talk about it at work the next day. I figured that reviewing the episodes on this blog would be fun for me but also a good way to bone up on my writing since it’s been almost two years since I graduated college. To fellow fans of HIMYM or someone who hasn’t watched the show, I encourage you to watch the episodes with us. I would like it even more if people would post their thoughts on the episodes as well.

Thanks for reading,

Johnny Night



  1. Hi! Came here to give feedback.
    It’s a pretty good start. My only suggestions (and please don’t get mad) are
    1. more pictures and
    2. less text.
    This probably infuriates you, being journalism and all, but I think the only time I read past one paragraph is if the material is purely educational or a story. With opinions, I want either lots of pictures to hide the fact I’m reading a lot of opinion or not a lot of reading at all.
    Keep in mind that I’m just one person and I’ve never seen “HIMYM”…

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